The Siracusa Reports

For more than 20 years, The Siracusa Company has been providing continuous quarterly audits for all active new home tracts in the California market of Ventura County. These quarterly publications provide real estate developers, appraisers, lending institutions and others with accurate, up-to-date, and objective information regarding development activity, pricing, sales, current and future inventory, and other performance measures in these market places. The Siracusa Reports are an indispensable resource for those real estate professionals who wish to maximize the performance of their developments, or simply keep up on the latest market conditions and trends affecting these marketplaces.

Invaluable Insights

The Siracusa Reports not only include our project by project performance information presented as spreadsheets in the active projects section, but also contain professional observations and opinions regarding the state of the market and the outlook for the future. The latter, contained in an editorial commentary section, are based on the firm principal’s 35 years of experience in real estate market research and consulting. These commentaries assess on-going trends and indicators that underscore market strengths or weaknesses, allowing us to keep our readership on the cutting edge of evolution in the marketplace.

image: Graph SamplePerformance Measures and Supply Trends

The report also contains instructive tables and graphs, which illustrate specific components of the market, such as pricing and absorption trends, sales by floor plan and price range, sales by square footage range, and inventory levels. We further supplement the report with current and historical information on building permits and a section summarizing future projects, such as those under construction, but not yet open for sales and others which have a probability of starting in the months ahead.

On-Site Data Collection

A key feature of The Siracusa Reports is that all project performance data is collected in the field by the company principal who concurrently conducts interviews with sales agents to ascertain additional perspectives about evolving market trends.


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